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Customer Gratitude

Show a customer Gratitude they will show you Loyalty

There are many ways to show appreciation to a customer.  From product or service discounts to gift or rewards programs.   The one thing that is evidently clear, an unhappy customer will take their business somewhere else, and that puts a business owner in a never-ending search for new customers.

Conversely, a happy customer will buy from you even if your product or service is perhaps not the best.  The reason is very simple.  People like to feel valued and appreciated and buy from whom they like.

If you are a business owner and just want to collect as much money as you can from a customer without engaging them, then the former is a great business model for you.  But, if your goal includes building a relationship with your customers then you need to treat customers the same way you want to be treated by others.  With respect, honesty, and appreciation.  Ask yourself; which do you prefer when getting your breakfast at a restaurant?  Would you prefer to be greeted by your name, with a smiling face or would you rather speak to a machine that takes your order and prints “good morning” on you fast food receipt?  Both are considered customer relationships business models today but which makes you feel like a human.    Some businesses will even have you engage in “bot” conversations for a full 5 minutes before you realize it’s not even a human being you are speaking to.  How does that make you feel, and more importantly, is that how you want your customers to feel?

The truth of it is very simple, show a customer gratitude and they will show you loyalty.  Not necessarily for you, but for themselves, because they will feel better about themselves buying from you.  John F. Kennedy said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

There are several customer reward and loyalty programs today.  The statistics bear the truth; consumers show loyalty when business owners show them gratitude.  It’s not an overnight cure or a magic trick.  It’s merely treating customers with appreciation and building mutually beneficial relations over time.

  • This is the reason 75% of consumers say they favor companies that offer reward programs (Virtual Incentives)

There are literally 100’s of statistics and surveys that prove it: simply too many to list here.  Loyalty, reward and gratitude programs are on the rise because customers are demanding them.

There are two basic types of reward programs. 

PERK POINTS: Accumulates points or tickets (like at the arcades) with each purchase made.  Then these tickets are redeemed like currency towards a gift from a group or set of prizes.  For example, some prizes are grouped together that have a value of 50 tickets while other sets have a value of 100 tickets. You redeem your tickets from the set or collection of prizes you can afford to buy with the points you have earned.

STAMP POINTS:  Stamp programs are easier to manage and offer.  These rewards a “stamp” or a “point” for each purchase made in a business of a certain specified value.  The reward can be redeemed when you have enough stamps accumulated.  For example, a free massage $85 value after 5 full massages completed or dine free $25 value after 5 full entrees purchased.

The success of any loyalty programs is in part the demonstration of gratitude by a business and the other is the effort of the business to truly engage and build meaningful relationships with their customer.  Understand that to earn a reward the customer has already spent money on your business, in essence, keeping you in business.  Unlike a discount coupon which more often than not merely attracts a one-time bargain hunter to your business.  A loyalty program builds relationships.


Some tips to creating a successful reward program in your business.

  • Tell your customers about your reward program with joy and excitement.
  • Post easy to read announcements in easy to spot places in your place of business.
  • Engage your employees, they need to know the reward program works as they are in most cases the first line of interaction with the customer.
  • Tell your customers this is your way of saying “thank you”.  This is best if done in person.
  • Remember to smile, a smile from you and your staff go miles in building relationships with your customers.
  • Post your reward program on Social Media.
  • Send all your customers and email with your reward programs link in it.
  • Talk it up, tell everyone.  Spread the love, it will come back 3 fold.

Agora Perks has these and many other types of coupons, certificates, coupons and rewards programs at affordable pricing.  If you would like to begin a relationship that lasts throughout the year with your customers, we would like to help.


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