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How to Create Coupons on Agora Perks


There are 2 ways to create Coupons or Loyalty Programs.

You can do it yourself or we can do it for you.  Below are simple instructions to follow whichever way you prefer.

  1. Save the $48 setup fee and do it yourself.  Just follow the simple instructions below. or…
  2. We can do it for you, for a low one time charge of $48, just complete the Coupon Work Order Form.

To do it yourself!

First:  You will need to have ready:

  • ___ A logo of your business 200 x 200 pixels &
  • ___ A nice picture 750 x 478 pixels – please, NO text in the picture and high quality.

Then: When you are ready to create your coupon just follow these 3 simple steps

A. First, Register! all Users must register if they want to use the services.  It is the only way we can track reward points for you.
B. As BUSINESS OWNER just click the box that says: “Are you a business owner?”


C. Once registered, you can Login with the username and password you created.
D. Create your Business Profile by selecting “My Stores” to add your business info.
E. Upload your store LOGO (200 X 200 pixels) and…
F. Add your business contact information


G. Select coupon type you want!  (See Types of Coupons)
H. Upload & Select the picture you want to display (750 x 478 pixels)
I. Complete your coupon description, including terms & limitations clearly.
J. Review your coupon and select payment method.  That’s it!


If you are creating a loyalty program add the reward levels and describe the rewards.

Need Help?  We can create it for you.  There is a one time $48 fee to set up but we will be glad to help you.  Just contact us at 786-343-1821 or email us to

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