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So, What’s The Story At Agora Perks?

Our vision is to have our platform full of real local small business offers, coupons and loyalty programs and have thousands of local consumers using them.  Keeping the small business owner, the cornerstone of the U.S.A.

Attention; Small Business Owner. whether you are single Mom selling beauty products from home or an independent Massage Therapist you need to advertise to be known and stay in business.

Consumers; whether you are a single-family household or business owner, you want to be appreciated for your business and the statistics prove it.

  • 82% of consumers who rely on digital coupons while shopping redeem the offer within a week and 30% apply it less than 24 hours after receiving it (Inmar)
  • Discounts and coupons came in as the top-ranking tactic for driving loyalty with 61% of consumers saying they use them (Expedia Affiliate Network)
  • 53% of consumers expressed a desire for all coupons to be digital (Inmar)
  • 76% of customers felt that receiving personalized discount offers based on their purchase history was important (LoyaltyOne)

Agora Perks offers full loyalty programs as well as digital discount coupons and is new.  We started in April 2, 2018 are getting the word out everywhere through radio, emails, social media and networking events.  Currently we have over 3,000 downloads of our app and growing every day.

So, what are we trying to do at Agora Perk? 

Short answer we are trying to level the playing field between huge corporate giants with deep pockets and the local small business owner.  We understand the small business owner because we are small business owners!

How do the big boys attract customers away from you? 

Big huge companies have huge budgets that place massive media promoting traffic to their places of business and away from you.

Groupon® the leader in digital coupons basically forces small business to reduce their retail pricing from 50% to 70% to create a coupon to pre-sell deals to consumers.  This despite its great success is not necessarily the best deal for the Small business owners.  Most people that purchase these coupons are bargain hunters and not long term repeat loyal customers.

We understand that reducing sales margins by 50% can really hurt a business if they don’t get repeat customers paying full retail.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true, once they have received a large discount they want the discount every time.  To survive, some business owners are providing the offer originally made through Groupon to the consume directly.  This is more a desperate measure like desperately moving around while in quick sand only to sink in quicker.

How can you possible compete?

We offer Digital Discount Coupon, Stamp Loyalty program or Perk Loyalty Program.  For only $99 a month you get any one of 3 promotional coupons.  No contracts, no sharing commission or splitting sales.  Learn more in our HELP SECTION!

What’s in a typical coupon?

We invite you to try a coupon FREE for 30 days with Agora Perks and grow your business today with any one of the promotional coupons.

Share with a friend who gets a coupon and get another month FREE!

It’s time to level the playing field and give the Small Business Owners a digital advertising platform they can use and afford.

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Gerardo Reyes

Way Out Mobile is the Parent Company of Agora Perks. We specialize in developing Mobile APPS and setting up effective and meaningful Digital Marketing Plan. Contact me, let's talk.

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